At Michael Dover Landscape Design, we have tree specialists who know just what tree species and kinds of shrubs will best survive and thrive in Ohio’s changing weather. They are knowledgeable in every aspect of tree and shrub planting, so you can place your full trust in them to give your property a remarkable landscape. Additionally, we can provide any kind of tree or shrub that you may require for your commercial or residential property.

As any horticulturist would surely tell you, climate should always be taken into consideration when choosing which species should be included in any tree and shrub planting project. Fortunately, the state’s climate—with a perfect mix of ample rainfall and sunshine—makes it very ideal for planting various kinds of decorative trees and shrubs.

When you hire us for your tree and shrub planting needs, you can rely on us to transform your landscape into a better-looking one. We achieve this by using systematic and scientific methods to ensure the shrubs and trees that we will plant will grow and not wither, no matter the weather.

Michael Dover Landscape Design